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Corgi FAQS

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What is a Pembroke Welsh Corgi?
Corgis were originally bred in Wales for use as herding dogs, their exact origin and make up is lost to time as they are a very old breed. There is some evidence that Pembroke Corgis were heavily influenced by the Swedish Vallhund and Spitz, but there is no way to know for certain. The herding instinct is innate in Corgis and sometimes young Corgis will nip lightly at your heels. They have a lot of heart, many owners consider them a big dog in a small body.
Who would want a Corgi?
Anyone who wants a loyal, dedicated companion. Corgis also make excellant show dogs and agility dogs. They make good watch dogs, without you having to worry about them biting someone. They are generally gentle with children.
What is Murphy Kennel's goal in breeding Welsh Pembroke Corgis?
Murphy Kennel strives to improve the Pembroke Welsh Corgi breed through careful selection of sires and dams, to place healthy, happy, and well socialized puppies in homes that are suited for their temperament and physical needs. We also desire to promote the Pembroke Welsh Corgi to people who may be unaware of this wonderful breed. All at a fair and equitable price with a lifetime guarantee.
Where do your bloodlines come from?
Murphy Kennel has carefully selected our Corgis from many sources, some of the better known bloodlines include: LS NEILDIAMOND, Robinhaus, Echoing Wolf, Kempio, Rivendel, Marnac, Vonshore, Larklain, Larchmont, Elfwish, Foxfire and many other great lines.
How big do Welsh Corgis get?
Corgis get 10 to 12 inches high at the shoulders and weigh between 25 and 30 pounds.
How many puppies do Corgis have?
Corgis can have from 1 to 10 puppies, generally a litter of 6 is good average.
What colors are natural to the Welsh Corgi?
Welsh Corgis come in four colors: black tricolor, red tricolor, red/white and sable.
Do Corgis change color?
Yes, red and white Corgis are born a grayish color with black trimmings and over a period of weeks they change to red and white. Red headed tricolors are born almost all black, white and tan, the red coloring becomes more prominent over a period of months.
Some of your puppies have pink noses, isn't that against breed standard?
Most Corgi puppies are born with pink noses, they begin speckling in black at about 2 weeks of age and will be completely black usually before they are 12 weeks of age.
What is the differences is the Welsh and Cardigan Corgis?
They are two different breeds, they were at one time considered varieties of the same breed, but in 1934 The Kennel Club in the UK classified them as seperate breeds. Colors allowed in Cardigans include blue merle and brindle, neither of which are allowed in the Pembroke. Cardigans average about 8 pounds heavier than the Pembroke and have larger bone structure, with the front feet slightly splayed. The Cardigans tail is left undocked. The Cardigan Corgi is somewhat more aggressive than the Pembroke.
What do I feed my Corgi?
Any high quality, high fat, high protein dry dog food is acceptable. Dogs are primarily carnivores and should not be fed a feed with an excess of grain products. Some Corgis have a tendancy to gain excess weight and care should be taken to not over feed those individuals.

Puppies should be given all the dry feed they will eat for 4-5 months. Puppies grow fast and play hard, they require a lot of nourishment.

What temperature range is acceptable for a Corgi?
Corgis are well adapted to a wide range of temperatures, Corgis have a double coat and seem almost impervious to cold weather. Care needs to be taken in extremely hot weather to provide plenty of fresh water and shade if outside. A good rule of thumb is that if it is not overly uncomfortable for you then your Corgi will be fine. Corgis being highly adaptable are especially fond of central heat and air conditioning.
What are the care requirements for Corgis?
Corgis are sturdy dogs, but still need to have regular veterinary checkups, vaccinations and deworming including a regular heartworm preventative. Corgis have a thick double coat and require regular brushing.
Will a Corgi get along with my other dogs?
Dog's personalities are as varied as people, so it is not possible to be 100% certain, however Corgis tend to get along well with other breeds. When introducing a new Corgi to older dogs they will need to be closely supervised in the beginning to insure their safety.
May I come visit your kennel and see your puppies?
Yes, visitors are always welcome, but we do require that you make an advance appointment, this ensures that we have the time set aside for your visit.
When I get my puppy will it be house trained.
At the age most puppies are delivered at, it is not possible to house train them. Training is best done in their permanent surroundings, with the aid of a travel crate and a lot of one on one attention. There are a lot of good books available in most pet stores, detailing crate training.
Do you have any older Corgis up for adoption?
Sometimes we do have older dogs available, give us a call if you are interested in adopting an older dog.
Okay, I've adopted a Corgi, when may I have my puppy?
Puppies can only go to their new home when they are older than 8 weeks, they need to be around their siblings and mother for at least that long.
How do we register our puppy?
When the puppies are born, Murphy Kennel registers the litter with the American Kennel Club (AKC) and the AKC provides forms to register each puppy. These forms have the dam and sire listed, when you adopt a puppy, you send in the form with your chosen name and a small fee, the AKC will then register your puppy in your name and send you the puppy's registration certificate. If it is an older dog Murphy Kennel will provide you with the registration papers and you can have the dog registered in your name.

Murphy Kennel as a rule does not limit registration. We may sometimes offer a puppy as limited registration only, if there is some element of the puppies coloring or structure that does not conform to the breed standard. Limited registration prevents the breeding and showing of Corgis that may not fulfill the AKC breed standard. Limited registration helps to preserve the breed from unwanted characteristics.

Who are the AKC and what do they do?
The AKC or American Kennel Club is an organization that maintains a registry of purebred dogs to help maintain the integrity of dog breeds and the standards by which they are judged. The AKC sponsors dog shows, serves as a lobby to help protect owners and breeders from hostile legislation, inspects breeders to insure that the dogs and records are kept in satisfactory conditions and by registering your puppy you will help protect not only your rights but the rights of others as well. Murphy Kennel recommends that everyone register their puppy and to never breed an unregistered dog.
Will you ship a puppy or dog?
Murphy Kennel will ship anywhere in the US, those wishing to have a puppy shipped to them by air should be aware that the flights are subject to strict temperature regulations and availibility of seating. A fact of air shipping is that you may not be able to get your puppy exactly when scheduled, be prepared for cancelations or delays. Murphy Kennel will also arrange delivery or to meet you at a prearranged location.
What guarantee do I have that my puppy is healthy, genetically sound and suitable for me and my family?
Murphy Kennel guarantees our puppies to be 100% satisfactory in every way, if a dog or puppy should not prove to be healthy or suitable for your family, Murphy Kennel will take them back.
What about after I get my new puppy?
Murphy Kennel is always available to answer questions or to help in any way we can, just call or send us an email. We also enjoy getting pictures and updates on the puppies as they grow older.
What are the dragons on your contact page? Do you also raise dragons?
The dragons on the contact page are "Y ddraig doch, the national symbol of Wales and a nod to the origin of the Corgi. Sorry, there are no dragons available at this time.